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you'll have to wait until October 1st, 2015, to enter the site for our
7th year of Hallowe'en Trick or Treating
with international artists displaying their incredible seasonal art!


In the meantime, take a look at the list of artists that participated in 2014 and the animal rescues, rehabs, shelters and other charities 
that benefited from their participation when purchases were made.  With your help, we will be making a difference in the lives of so many wild and domestic animals


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Here is a list of this year's participating artists:

































*Adrianne Jeswiet supporting It's a Dog's Life,

*Carl Chalupa supporting the Toronto Wildlife Centre,

*Beth Hutchison, supporting The Wild Animal Sanctuary,

Doris Waschinski supporting Freedom Dog Rescue,

*Angela Wyman supporting HART, Adoption Center and Shelter for Cats

*Tamra Kohl supporting Foxy Doxy Dachshund Rescue,

*Annie Nann (Anneloren) (tentative) supporting Puget Sound Goat Rescue,

*Deana Pfaus supporting Wolf Mountain Sanctuary,

Linda Wageman supporting tba

Marion Shannon supporting tba

*Diana Ussery supporting Bat World,

*S. J. Tucker supporting Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge,

*Martha DeRaimo-Burch supporting Lucky Mutts Rescue,

*Melanie Clark, supporting Barrhead Animal Rescue,

*Pam Pontious (tentative) supporting Whatcom County Animal Shelter,

*Janice VanBeek supporting Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Centre

Sally J. Smith supporting tba

*Jeff Haynie supporting PAWS of Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap,

*Sara Deck supporting the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA

*Dan Soelberg supporting Red Rover,

*Ruth Israeli supporting VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association),

*Kelly Forsyth supporting Heart Bandits,

Margarita Castillo-Bernard supporting tba

and me, *Karen Waschinski, supporting Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Centre


* = pictured




































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It's going to be ghoulishly, gorgeously ghastly!

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